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STEPHEN SPAZ SCHNEE: Your 2018 album NO GOOD DEED is just about to be released. How are you feeling about the way the album turned out and the reaction to it so far? MINDI ABAIR: This album is deep to me. It feels like the band has gelled ...

An Oral History of The Bloody Beetroots & Steve Aoki's 'Warp,' 10 Years Later

Catch Steve Aoki in Las Vegas as a Hakkasan-resident DJ, and you'll get all the glitz and champagne glamour of a modern electronic dance spectacle. Gogo dancers in bejeweled bikinis dance under geometric LEDs as confetti rains over thousands of well-dressed partiers.

Why Apple Just Killed Off iTunes [Mark Mulligan]

Yesterday, Apple announced the end of iTunes on the Mac and its replacement with three separate apps for music, podcasts and TV. The reason given was feature bloat which slows performance. But top analyst Mark Mulligan says that its really part of "the great unbundling" which has been going on...

Record labels are spending more and more on signing (and paying) artists... - Music Business Worldwide

The MBW Review offers our take on some of the music biz's biggest recent goings-on. This time, we investigate how much money the record labels are spending on 'A&R' - and what this means for their bottom lines as each year passes. The MBW Review is supported by Instrumental.

3 Music Streaming Services Offer Emerging Artists Programs

In many ways, being an artist is harder now than it's ever been, and the path to music industry success is crowded with obstacles. Streaming services have taken note of this challenge however, and several of them have been working to put programs in place designed to help emerging artists...

The Record Industry Expects a Windfall. Where Will the Money Go?

In recent years, several financial institutions have predicted record labels will soon be celebrating annual revenues that begin to approach, if not surpass, their late-1990s peaks: What was an inflation-adjusted $25 billion-per-year business before the millennium could bring in more than $41 billion annually by 2030, according to Goldman Sachs.

The average salary of a Spotify employee hit $132,301 last year - more than double what it was in 2011 - Music Business Worldwide

Hello straw man, my old friend. I've come to debate with you again. Yesterday on Music Business Worldwide, the CEO of the UK's Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA), Kim Bayley, gave a rousing defence of music streaming services - in particular, the right of these platforms to claim a larger portion of the industry's revenue 'pie' at the expense of artists and record labels.

21 Questions* to ask an artist before working with them

When I start working with a new artist client the very first meeting I do is a discovery session where I to get up to speed on their brand and understand how I can help as a music marketing consultant.

DIY Musicians Now Earn More Than $2 Billion A Year

DIY musicians now in earn more than $2 billion a year from recorded music, music publishing income, live performance fees, merchandise sales and other income Music industry analysts MIDiA recently estimated that DIY and self releasing artists earned $643 million in recorded music revenue in 2018. In a new Rolling...

Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers Examine Life's Endless Hustle With "Mess I'm In" (premiere + interview)

Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers will issue their third studio album, No Good Deed, on 28 June via Pretty Good for a Girl Records. Saxophonist/vocalist Abair is comfortable in a number of styles, as evidenced by her previous body of work, including turns with both Duran Duran and Aerosmith.

Jackie Evancho struck child-star fame on 'America's Got Talent.' Now, she's growing up.

Jackie Evancho (Photo: KMJPR) Jackie Evancho is celebrating her album release week in a way that'd make any star with a booked-solid schedule jealous - by heading back to her hometown. USA TODAY caught up with the "America's Got Talent" winner on the eve of her 19th birthday as she traveled to her family home in Pittsburgh to celebrate with them.

Album Premiere: Anders Osborne 'Buddha and the Blues'

The next few weeks will be extraordinarily busy for New Orleans resident Anders Osborne. Along with a series of area gigs (including an appearance at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on May 2), Osborne will release a new album, Buddha and the Blues.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Says Streaming Allows More Artists to Make a Living From Music Than Ever Before

Spotify will potentially shift focus away from editorial playlists, in favor of providing more multi-faceted, democratic tools for record companies and artists to promotetheirmusic. CEO Daniel Ek spoke to this -- and much more -- in an expansive new interview with the Freakonomics Radio podcast released Wednesday night (April 10).

Your ultimate guide to Coachella 2019

It's almost time for music buffs and "do it for the gram" millennials alike to flood to Indio, Calif. Ahead of the 2019 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, kicking off April 12, here's a handy survival guide for both lovers and haters (counterprogramming options below).

The Pitchfork Guide to Record Store Day 2019: Robyn, "Twin Peaks," Bob Dylan, and More

This Saturday, April 13, is Record Store Day-the time for vinyl junkies to hit the shops and splurge on rare reissues, long-out-of-print fan favorites, colorful records, special-edition singles, and more. Wading through the list of 500 releases, however, is daunting.


When tracing the history of American music, Bluegrass is still a relatively young genre.

Apple Music tops Spotify in US paid subscribers

This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence Digital Media Briefing subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. Apple Music has bested Spotify in at least one domain: paid US subscribers, per The Wall Street Journal.

Jackie Evancho Appears on ABC's Good Morning America Reveals Struggle With Eating Disorder | Trevor Decker News

Jackie Evancho was on Good Morning America Tuesday revealing for the first time that she has been battling an eating disorder. The exclusive interview follows a post on her Facebook where she opened up about the dark side of being famous. This is all part of what Jackie is calling her "honesty" media tour.

Spotify to Surpass Pandora Listeners by 2021, Sooner Than Expected

Pandora may be the most popular music streaming service in the US, but it won't retain the No. 1 spot for much longer. According to our latest forecast on digital music listeners, Spotify will surpass Pandora in terms of users by 2021-one year sooner than we predicted last year.

IFPI Global Music Report 2019: Music Sales Rise For Fourth Straight Year to $19 Billion

Global music sales grew for the fourth consecutive year in 2018 with streaming now accounting for almost half of all label revenue, according to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry's (IFPI) "Global Music Report 2019."

10 Trends That Will Reshape the Music Industry

The IFPI has reported that global recorded music revenues have hit $19.1 billion, which means that MIDiA's own estimates published in March were within 1.6% of the actual results. This revenue growth story is strong and sustained but the market itself is undergoing dramatic change. Here are 10 trends that will reshape the recorded music...

Was Spotify's India Launch Overhyped? A First Look at Streaming Data - ReadyPipe

Chad Horner March 8, 2019 Spotify launched in India last week, and quickly made headlines after hitting 1 million users within days; the news sent the company's stock up about 4%, according to an article in . We examined data from to provide more context around Spotify's early performance in India.

Stop Blaming Streaming Services For The Music You Don't Like

Music has long had a symbiotic relationship with the mode in which is it distributed. This can be traced to classical compositions for royal performances, the brevity of 7-inch records, the time constraints of the LP and CD formats, and radio's needs to keep listeners from turning that dial.

Ari's Take: How This Artist Grew To 500,000 Monthly Spotify Listeners Without Playlists

Three years ago the northern Virginia conscious hip hop artist Lucidious was struggling to get listeners to his music. He had about 150 monthly listeners on Spotify (no I didn't forget a zero) with merely 45 followers, about 1,500 followers on Instagram and Facebook. And was ma...

Spotify is personalizing more playlists to individual users

Spotify is going to make some of its playlists part curated, part personalized. Human editors will still pick and choose which songs fit on which playlist, but every song will no longer show up for every listener. Instead, Spotify will automatically adjust the playlist to better fit a listener's tastes.

Amazon Music Will Be the Fastest-Growing Audio Streaming Service This Year

Amazon's audio platform is subscription-only and not supported by ads at any membership level; neither is Apple Music, the second fastest-growing digital audio platform. This means that the fastest-growing segment of audio streaming listeners cannot be reached by advertisers.

A sound algorithm has signed a major label record deal

Consequence of Sound says "the end is nigh." Bob Moczydlowsky's TechStars incubator found it game-changing and included it in his 2018 Techstars Music accelerator. Whichever way you see it, stress-reducing sound app Endel has been added to Warner Music Group.

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