About Amplified

Founded in 2017 Amplified has decades of experience in distribution, logistics, monetization, artist development and industry-wide relationships, providing our roster with effective, results driven solutions. We work directly with each of our 250+ clients, delivering consistent, actionable, and realistic direction to enhance their content and increase their revenue. Our team doesn’t apply a “One Size Fits All Platform”. We look at each client as an individual and do our best to exceed their goals while providing valuable in-sights to stay ahead of the ever-changing entertainment industry.

Why Amplified

Amplified Distribution empowers our partners with the ability to reach a global retail audience while utilizing our streamlined process which can increase revenue, awareness, and availability. We provide detailed, transparent financial reporting, with accurate inventory and sales analytics, delivering an in-depth review of your overall performance to maximize your profitability.

Our unique consignment based physical inventory process allows you to keep ownership of your content, control product flow and transfer inventory when necessary. An exclusive returns refurbishment program with a centralized warehouse that cut costs and ensures the widest possible coverage. We provide a detailed, transparent financial report, with accurate inventory & sales analytics which delivers an in-depth review of your overall performance in order to maximize your profitability. The truth is, there has never been a better age for a self-defined music career. For every unique and individual artist in the world, there should be and can be a unique and individual pathway to success.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our partners with a level playing field for distributing their important releases without any hurdles and barriers of entry. We pride ourselves on an “creator first mentality” with personal, consistent communication, and realistic expectations.

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