Digital Media Distribution

A simplified process for asset ingestions, metadata and style guideline compliance ensures an accurate and timely delivery to over 200+ DSPs and Social Media outlets. Our capable specialists will advocate on your behalf for top-line and genre page positioning, editorial, curated and algorithmic playlisting submissions, marketing & promotional opportunities for both audio & video digital distribution.

  • Easy to use production process for asset delivery and content ingestion.
  • Transparent, highly detailed reporting for streaming activity, sales analysis, playlisting, skipped, completed UGC (user generated content) and monetized tracks allows you to stay on top of your activity.
  • Expert consultation, scheduling and planning to ensure your releases are being recognized by the decision makers at the prominent digital service providers. We’ll provide strategic initiatives and results driven opportunities to grow your overall digital presence.
  • Dedicated support from our extended teams, providing metadata compliance, rights management, feedback and whitelisting requests, all with a timely, trouble-free experience.
  • Change of Distribution and transferring of your catalog and existing content is accomplished without any disruption to your current revenue flow and important digital data from monthly listeners, monthly
    followers and track by track totals.