Physical Media Distribution

We service over 3,000 independent & chain accounts as well as an e-commerce reach of 3,700+ unique customers and 16,000 ship to locations, out of a centralized 700,000 square foot warehouse located in Kentucky. Backed by the world’s most powerful wholesaler, Alliance Entertainment and our partnership with AMPED Distribution, providing you with highly advanced inventory management systems, efficient order processing with secure monitoring & tracking for inbound freight. State-of-the-art vinyl sorters and packing, allow for the most effective and accurate hand pick process to ensure safe delivery to your fans directly, including non-traditional accounts like Guitar Center and Urban Outfitter.

  • Easy to use production process for asset delivery, data base set-up, product sales solicitations and order processing, all within 24-48 hours.
  • Comprehensive domestic & international sales staffs, coupled with our insights driven technology, our proven process provides engagement with consumers worldwide.
  • Capacity to manage a high volume of outbound distribution to both bulk and consumer direct e-commerce outlets like Amazon. Our dot com experts work with you to identify goals and problematic product pages to ensure sales are mapped correctly, to you, the content owner.
  • Proud supporter of Record Store Day, CIMS, RSD, AIMS and independent record stores around the world.
  • Global strategic partnerships allow for single-source, world-wide service and distribution, without the hassle of multiple, territorial rights entanglements.
  • Ability to engage & advertise with over 800 special market customers that represent approximately 5,000 individual libraries, schools, universities, museums and bookstores.
  • We also offer a suite of advertising and promotional opportunities to support your releases at Independent Retail, Chain Accounts, Big Box (Wal Mart & Target) as well as on the Alliance WebAMI system, used by over 21,000 retailer buyers, store owners and purchasing agents to submit their weekly orders.
  • Clear, detailed and transparent royalty, inventory & sale analysis reporting is provided routinely for your review and feedback.